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 The trend of combining popular game show tv programs like  THE WEAKEST LINK on online bingo sites continues at 2010 with the launch of the weakest link game at amuso.com. Many people wonder about this combination, but there are few successful examples of online bingos using trivia gameshow themes like deal or no deal game and the price is right, and it tends to be very popular. Amuso site is welcoming all new players with free 5 pounds to try the games before you make a deposit to the account. amuso.com 90 ball room has large jackpots of above 1000 pounds daily, and the weakest link game is combines very nicely into the bingo. Watching the chat of www.amuso.com you can see many new players who joined mainly for the new Weakest link theme, and the site is sparkling with life. Many of the players playing with the bonus money and not depositing, so the actual amount of depositor players at amuso.com is lower than what one sees in the chat



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