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Like most TV trivia games, the much known game show “The Weakest Link” has an online version for playing weakest link for free or for money. The main differences between weakest link game online and the original weakest link show, is that in the TV show a person plays with a team of other people, while in weakest link game online is just you and your computer. Most versions that I managed to find gives you weakest link questions to answer in a certain amount of time.

Playing a version of weakest link show online gives you a benefit for playing on your own free time without the pressure of the audience, the other players and mainly the TV game show host.  In weakest link online game you can always test yourself with extensive knowledge and if you are wrong, the next time you play online weakest link you can challenge yourself again, because many of the weakest link game online brings you similar questions. But it is really dependent on which site you play your favorite trivia games.

 Most of the online trivia games that I visited have a version of online weakest link with really tough questions. That is why having similar weakest link questions from one round of game to another challenges my knowledge. The pressure of standing by the timetable of the game sometimes can get me confused, so I always know I have a chance to right the question next time. Anyhow whether you enjoy playing the weakest link online or not it is in fact one of the most difficult trivia games there is online!!! Answering all the weakest link questions right can give you a true satisfaction for being smart!!



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